Monday, July 23, 2012

13th of June, Workshop at SMK catholic

SMK catholic is a mostly chinese-malay school with around 3000
students. When we signed in at the guard-house and were led to the
presentation room by a member of the schools AIDS-club, Elaine. I was
impressed by the school and the attitude of the students, who were
really engaged and creative. They made our presentation much richer by
their input! We demonstrated how AIDS works, how to use condoms and
discussed the modes of transmission of the virus. After our
presentation the students invited us to their canteen and spoiled us
with Malaysias various fruits. Then we received a personlised tour of
the school. For me it was an unforgettable experience, thank you SMK

It was my first day in Malaysia, so it was also my first workshop. I was very curious, because I don't really know what I had to expect. When we started the workshop at the SMK catholic, I could feel the excitement of the students. The students put a lot of energy during the workshop in the discussions and the games. It was really fun! After the workshop the students showed us their school. That was very interesting. We could see how their schools are compared to our schools. You can say that I also learned a lot from them. It was a wonderful first day. Thank you, SMK catholic!

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